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Emperor’s Hand Saber

October 30th, 2012

10 7/16″ Red

This would be my reconstruction of Mara’s lightsaber from the comic Mara Jade: by the Emperor’s Hand which Timothy Zahn co-wrote with Michel Stackpole. Interestingly enough, (okay, probably just to me, but still) this is the same saber as the widely acknowledged “official” Mara Jade saber built by Wizards of the Coast (I believe) and later reproduced by Master Replicas.

Even though it has been heavily modified you can see how all the same design elements are present in all the same places. Now, while I don’t particularly care for the giant screws or the fact that the entire EU inexplicably decided that the thing is purple, I think its a good design. Though I will admit that I’m rather fond of the original for its robust unattractiveness.

EU, Lightsaber, Long-Winding, Star Wars

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