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June 19th, 2008

I was so sure that everyone would overlook the incident of the day before. “After all,” I’d reasoned over my bedtime glass of milk, “it’s only what anyone in their right mind would have done. They’re probably more likely to applaud my presence of mind than get snappish. And even if they do, which I will not admit to being anything but doubtful, it will only amount to a minor twenty-second scolding.”

So immersed was I in these thoughts that I didn’t even notice that the milk had tasted odd. When I awoke I found that I had been taken. Read more



June 17th, 2008

Nothing new is really forthcoming at the moment, I thought I’d pop this up to keep your angry accusations of procrastination at bay.

A pen and ink I did last Fall in response to the Amtgard rulebook’s generally blah illustrations. It furthermore answers my most prevalent peeve about fantasy games in general, namely that there are not enough birds.

This could also, possibly, be a portrait of Valruin, but if that is the case he’s using someone else’s sword.

"Real Art", Amtgard, Pen and Ink, Projects, Umbraverse

Aelinim Mark 2

June 4th, 2008


June 1st, 2008


June 1st, 2008