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Group Topic: Tom Bombadil

August 7th, 2009

tom_bombadil2In Buckland it is often more important to keep trees out of the fields than crows.

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Muses part one

August 6th, 2009

muses_16Okay, this is by far the most random thing I have ever posted. Actually it’s the most random thing I have ever made. It consists of roughly one part inspiration from Josiah’s seal, two parts fondness for vague visual symbolism, and about fourteen parts pure Bill. In other words, it was a complete mental tangent and I haven’t the foggiest idea how it managed to get made. I could always cheat and say that it’s my tribute to Web Cave but I don’t think that actually occurred to me until I was about halfway through.
Anyway, I did the concept sketches over Christmas and when we were given our first 2D assignment (make something presumably 2D and vaguely self-portraitesc) I already had the designs and whipped up the chap on the right, and I have been working on the rest, off and on, ever since.
The subjects themselves are finished, but the setting needs work: once I figure out what kind, I‘ll complete the work and be at peace. That is until Bill convinces me to redo the entire tarot deck with inside jokes or something.

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The Oracle of the Closet

August 3rd, 2009