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October 10th, 2009

This is a classic example of calligramancer heraldry. Though as such, there is not a great deal one can learn from it just at present, but I shall attempt. The calligramancers devised their own form of heraldry centuries ago, and while there are perhaps more written records pertaining to this particular sect’s history than any other, all these records were taken down by members thereof. So it is hardly surprising that perusal of said histories is one of the more dangerous home occupations.

According to Clarinda Hemp’s notes on the subject, the central figure often denotes something “roughly equivalent to a personal familiar, though not exactly, actually not very like at all.” The figure positioned directly above it seems to act as a modifier of some sort to the central figure; I believe it serves as a technical notation regarding the thing’s exact nature to other calligramancers, but I am uncertain to the symbol’s exact meaning.

The outer symbols are less mysterious, if they are indeed examples of Baldwin’s Stars, the “nasty, pointy ink blots of death” Clarinda wrote about. These exist as a sort of numerical code; a trio in a coat of arms signifies that the bearer used his arts to rendered military service to crown.

-Ophelia Himmle, The Search for Guppy

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Mrs. Guppy

June 10th, 2009

seal_guppyTo be perfectly frank, no one is entirely sure what she is known for. Though this fact has stepped nicely into that slot, making her one of the most well known umbralites to do something. So much so, in fact, that many scholars spent the early years of their careers traumatized, convinced that they were forgetting something important.

Her only link with posterity is the Guppy Honorary Teacup of Timelines struck in her honor. It is awarded to those select individuals who have single-handedly saved the world. From this it is surmised that she did, at one point in her life, save the world single-handedly. When coupled with the only over reliable fact about the lady, namely that she was categorically insane, it is not difficult to understand scholarship’s ignorance. There was great excitement a few years past when a box containing her correspondence with the League was uncovered among a collection of 19th century battle mittens, but they were found, upon examination, to constitute little more than exhaustive anecdotes on the subject of her son.


Welcome to

May 26th, 2009

New features include:

An easy to use, condensed format for Agatha’s Hatchet directly underneath our nice new header, complete with the never-before-seen chapter two, with illustrations on the way.

A historical overview of all the principal umbralites and their seals, updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And hopefully more posts in the future, seeing as I am no longer working on the site.


Obsession of the Week

February 24th, 2008

Well, for the past couple days, instead of drawing mermaids and working out the social political/structure of the League of Umbrellas, I have been hard at work on a project that only I will really appreciate. But that’s all right; you should all be satisfied with the fact that I’m posting.

So, combining my fondness for Star Wars, categorizing, and runic, (and thus showing the dangers of doodleing in class) I have gone and made a sigil for each of the lightsaber forms and will be supplying them over the next week or so along with who uses what, or something like that just to put things in context those who don’t have this sort of thing memorized.


Arien and Gothmog

December 7th, 2007

Speaking of snowmen…

This was actually the charcoal’s idea more than mine. No one in their right mind tries to depict sunlight passing through the body of a being of varying translucence composed primarily of corporeal shadow, but my medium has been nagging me all semester and I’m never in my right mind anyway. I think I’ll leave off explaining the deep inner meaning of this picture just yet, so Rachel can be ambiently smug for a bit.

My conscience is now clear.

Beware, Josiah.