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Journal fragment recovered from a London gutter

September 28th, 2006
-disposable cameras for the American tourist kits.

7:02 am

We have narrowed our choices down to cathedrals B and E. When the director arrives Saturday we should have a probable location for the tomb. She’ll be pleased about that.

9:57 am

Have managed to get beneath cathedral B through the sewers and are digging into the catacombs. Ed forgot the potato chips and has gone back up for them.

11:23 am

Inside the catacombs now, will eat lunch just as soon as Ed gets back.

11:41 am

Something is wrong. I sent George back to see what was keeping Ed but he couldn’t find him anywhere. He says the pigeons outside have vanished.

12:16 am

I think something has followed us into the catacombs. There has been a lot of unexplained noises down out off the way tunnels and our equipment was ransacked when we weren’t looking. I’m making for the cathedral exit but don’t know if it will work.

12:55 am

George disappeared a few minutes ago,we heard him scream and a lot of snarlish and rendy noises. That can’t be good.

1:12 pm

I count at least three pood-

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