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Mrs. Haberdasher

seal_haberdasherSomething of an enigma, she exists more as a popular legend than a historical personage in the minds of the greater populace. In fact, many scholars insist that the lady never actually existed at all, but was, instead, only a metaphor for something or other, and later, a fabrication for the purposes of lending credence to the “Lost Dauphin” theories.

Even among the myriad of stories, very little is definitively known. Starting some time about the year 1791 a mysterious woman calling herself “Haberdasher” was reported all over Europe in connection with peculiar circumstances and odd happenstance. She apparently traveled extensively pursuing undisclosed ends with little regard for things such as distance and necessary transit time. The man known as the Scarlet Pimpernel reportedly took direction from such a lady at times, and it was under her orders that he removed Louis XVII from the Temple prison. It was also, apparently, in her company that the Dauphin vanished for the last time, though what she wanted with the young aristocrat no one seems to know. Most tales revolve around the epic, ballroom, fan duel where she struck down her archenemy Madam Guillotine. Though, where this actually took place or who attended this ball, no one seems to know.

Illustrator, Seals, Umbraverse

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