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October 31st, 2012

Because one cannot have too much Timothy Zahn.

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Emperor’s Hand Saber

October 30th, 2012

10 7/16″ Red

This would be my reconstruction of Mara’s lightsaber from the comic Mara Jade: by the Emperor’s Hand which Timothy Zahn co-wrote with Michel Stackpole. Interestingly enough, (okay, probably just to me, but still) this is the same saber as the widely acknowledged “official” Mara Jade saber built by Wizards of the Coast (I believe) and later reproduced by Master Replicas.

Even though it has been heavily modified you can see how all the same design elements are present in all the same places. Now, while I don’t particularly care for the giant screws or the fact that the entire EU inexplicably decided that the thing is purple, I think its a good design. Though I will admit that I’m rather fond of the original for its robust unattractiveness.

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Jocasta Nu’s Lightsaber

October 28th, 2012

11.125″ Blue

Mostly just for the record because there are no good images of this one to be found anywhere. I ended up spending nearly a month staring at screen captures and concept art trying to build an accurate model, chiefly because no one else seemed to care and this saber was the fulfillment of years of fervent fantasising on my part.

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Jorus C’baoth Version IV

October 24th, 2012

11″ Green

Okay, I think I’m finally finished with this one (at least for a while).

What I really wanted was a sort of cross between the two Kenobi sabers. The first to give it that defined, deliberately-constructed look and also to tie it to the correct time period. The second, to give it (for lack a better term) some Alec Guinness-y, old wizard vibes, also to pay a slight homage to the fact that C’baoth actually was Obi-wan for a bit, because I’m weird like that. And I wanted to merge them with a touch of Dooku because someone as image-conscious as C’baoth would insist on a saber that (even while looking brutally functional) looks nice.

It made sense to me anyway.

The green is a total guess on my part, but seeing as this is a Zahn saber it was only a choice between that and blue. I ended up going with the former because, firstly: I simply like green better, and secondly: to be less redundant as all three of the sabers whose designs I referenced were blue. I did toy with the idea of going out on a limb and declaring the saber to be yellow, because the idea of setting C’baoth up as a sort of anti-Windu was sorely tempting. But unfortunately, if the guy had really put that much effort into his saber, he would have used it a lot more (a.k.a. at all). This particular lightsaber is never so much as mentioned in the source material, which is why this whole thing has been a study in my wildly making stuff up.

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