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Jorus C’baoth Version IV

October 24th, 2012

11″ Green

Okay, I think I’m finally finished with this one (at least for a while).

What I really wanted was a sort of cross between the two Kenobi sabers. The first to give it that defined, deliberately-constructed look and also to tie it to the correct time period. The second, to give it (for lack a better term) some Alec Guinness-y, old wizard vibes, also to pay a slight homage to the fact that C’baoth actually was Obi-wan for a bit, because I’m weird like that. And I wanted to merge them with a touch of Dooku because someone as image-conscious as C’baoth would insist on a saber that (even while looking brutally functional) looks nice.

It made sense to me anyway.

The green is a total guess on my part, but seeing as this is a Zahn saber it was only a choice between that and blue. I ended up going with the former because, firstly: I simply like green better, and secondly: to be less redundant as all three of the sabers whose designs I referenced were blue. I did toy with the idea of going out on a limb and declaring the saber to be yellow, because the idea of setting C’baoth up as a sort of anti-Windu was sorely tempting. But unfortunately, if the guy had really put that much effort into his saber, he would have used it a lot more (a.k.a. at all). This particular lightsaber is never so much as mentioned in the source material, which is why this whole thing has been a study in my wildly making stuff up.

EU, Lightsaber, Long-Winding, Star Wars

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