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Harriet Lychanthrope

seal_harrietConstructor, tender, and interpreter of the Total Scarf, she lives in the chambers situated above her husband’s old wool shop. The fact that it was sold to a third party at the event of her husband’s death, some ten years previously, has completely failed to impress her as a valid reason to find alternate lodgings, and the present owner possess sufficient instincts of self preservation not to press the point.

Illustrator, Seals, Umbraverse

  1. July 10th, 2009 at 16:25 | #1

    Though in the Umbralite universe, it is a significant increase in your likelihood to survive if you have an elderly woman living upstairs, or better yet, tending to your children. Your house may not remain intact, but you’ll be in one piece and your appliances will be regularly exorcised.
    …in short, I like this woman. And not just because she reminds me of Madame Defarge (with the wool and all). Oh. You have a typo in the first sentence, which I just noticed. Though it could be a woof shop and, given their placement on the keyboard, it may well be.

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