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Beatrice Emberlane


One of the most impactful members of the League of Umbrellas during the late 17th century, she spearheaded the expansion of League influence out of England and across the sea.

After delivering her famous And Who Knows What Shenanigans They’re Getting Up To In the Colonies address, she gathered the more flighty of her compatriots and formed the element of the League known as the Abroad. Their purpose was to roam across the oceans, keeping unseemliness at bay in the rougher corners of the Empire and generally have a good time. It was mainly due to the nomadic nature of their existence that they came to be referred to, among the local maritime community, as “sea turtles.” They even came to be regarded as bringers of good luck by said community, though this is not necessarily a good indication of the Abroad’s actual social impact. As one scholar wrote, “When you wake up on the high seas to find a pair of strange old women in the forecastle, pouring over maps and comparing the shopping opportunities in the nearest ports, how else are you going to deal with it?”

Illustrator, Seals, Umbraverse

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